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During the university, you will be sharing good practices and working in small groups on a city case, building an action plan.
Please list in order of preference the policy areas you would be most interested in working on: *
Shared Public Spaces : Increasing enjoyment, ownership of and involvement in public space
Mixed use of city centers : Ensuring quality of life and sustainable European cities
Promoting entrepreneurship : Promoting entrepreneurship in cities to increase employment and economic dynamics?
Open Innovation for sustainable cities : Improving the creation and flow of knowledge and ideas between universities, businesses, citizens and local authorities to create innovation for sustainability
21st Century Public Services : Mobilising city resources more effectively to get better results?
Human capital : Using people and skills as drivers of economic recovery, growth and resilience
Low carbon transition : Mobilising stakeholders to engage into low energy consumption, while reducing social and environmental injustice?
Attractive city for young people to live and work : Getting young people to be a part of the solution(s) and not just seen as a problem
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